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Venice, Italy

2023: My Year In Review

2023 was quite the year. In keeping with tradition, I wrote about my year in this post and what I hope the next year brings, with gratitude for all I have.

The Song of the Lark, Jules Breton (1884)

I Paid Off $194k in Student Loans in Six Years. It Wasn’t Easy.

Table of Contents Disbelief In which I accomplish a long sought after financial goal and determine the need to reflect on how it came to be. Adventures in Aliens and Castration In which I discuss a ruined scheme to bypass a formal education. “Deer”, Dear Friends In which I discuss the forces that led to […]

I Waited 9 Years to Write This: On The Death of a Friend

Thank you to the McCausland family for reviewing this post before it was published. On February 1st, 2014, in the early hours of the morning, my friend Sarah McCausland was struck and killed by a drunk driver. She was walking back to campus with her friends near Bard College. She had only recently turned 19. […]

2022: My Year In Review

What Did I Do This Year? As 2022 winds down, I’ve found myself looking back and wondering: what did I do that matters to me? In many ways, it was a blur. Being a founding member of a seed-stage startup will do that to you, not to mention moving to a new state and all […]